Brasileirão Série B Paysandu SC vs Goiás
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Paysandu SC
Football Brasileirão Série B 2024

Other Match and Events

Date Match Watch
2024/01/15 GMT Paysandu SC vs Tuna Luso Club Friendly Games
2024/01/20 GMT Paysandu SC vs Santa Rosa EC Paraense
2024/01/24 GMT Caeté vs Paysandu SC Paraense
2024/01/27 GMT Águia de Marabá vs Paysandu SC Paraense
2024/02/04 GMT Paysandu SC vs Remo Paraense
2024/02/07 GMT Paysandu SC vs Bragantino Paraense
2024/02/18 GMT Cametá SC vs Paysandu SC Paraense
2024/02/24 GMT Canaã FC vs Paysandu SC Paraense
2024/03/01 GMT Ji-Paraná vs Paysandu SC Copa do Brasil
2024/03/03 GMT Paysandu SC vs Castanhal Paraense
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