1st Division Raufoss vs Moss FK
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Football 1st Division 2024
Moss FK

Other Match and Events

Date Match Watch
2023/09/03 GMT Raufoss vs Moss FK 1st Division
2023/09/15 GMT Ranheim IL vs Raufoss 1st Division
2023/09/24 GMT Raufoss vs Sandnes Ulf 1st Division
2023/10/01 GMT Fredrikstad FK vs Raufoss 1st Division
2023/10/07 GMT Raufoss vs Mjøndalen 1st Division
2023/10/22 GMT KFUM Oslo vs Raufoss 1st Division
2023/10/29 GMT Raufoss vs Hødd IL 1st Division
2023/11/05 GMT Kristiansund BK vs Raufoss 1st Division
2023/11/12 GMT Raufoss vs Bryne FK 1st Division
2024/01/19 GMT Raufoss vs Skeid Club Friendly Games
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